October 17, 2011

A very David Lynch Halloween!

David Lynch movies are so mysteriously unsettling that they are perfect inspiration for some very odd Halloween costumes (in my opinion). It's time to put some work into Halloween because terrifying zombies and ghouls are so hot right now. 

Wild At Heart

Now, if you are truly desperate to still look more sexy than scary this Halloween, follow the lead of Lula. Think super tight dresses, permed hair and lot's of dancing. If you are lucky enough to have a Nicolas Cage lookalike hanging around, wrangle them in to dress as Sailor, proud wearer of a Snakeskin Jacket. Remember to repeat his famous line all night : 'This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it's a symbol of my individuality, and my belief...in personal freedom.' 

If you have a few more friends who don't know what to wear, suggest Lula's crazy mother, Marietta Fortune. I would draw my inspiration from the scene where she covers her face entirely in lipstick. Make sure to always be holding a Martini glass.
 Perdita Durango (blonde short hair, huge dark eyebrows) or Willem Dafoe's character Bobby Peru... it would help if you already look like Willem Dafoe..

Twin Peaks
(dont read on if you have never watched this (but intend to) as there are slight spoilers...but only slight)

If you haven't watched Twin Peaks... go watch it now! Right now! It's great. Yes, it's weird but so few things are in this world so just embrace it. Tons of great costume ideas from this one.
There's Agent Dale Cooper, for which you would need a trench coat, a suit, mug of black coffee, slicked back hair and very strong moral fiber.
Laura Palmer, this one's fun because you can choose to be pre or post-mortem Laura so it's either "she's dead...wrapped in plastic" or prom queen with a dark secret.
There's Nadine (eye patch, red hair, cheerleader outfit, super human strength), and The Log Lady (log, big red glasses, warm sweater, lots of chewing gum that you stick to things.)

To be continued...

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nina said...

any suggestions on how to dress up as the master himself?
my bf wants to go as lynch for halloween!