October 27, 2011

a very David Lynch Halloween: Part 2

Let's take a trip back to the town of Twin Peaks for more Halloween costume ideas/general weirdness.
Hands down the scariest character in Twin Peaks is Bob: terror personified in double denim. If you are fortunate enough to own jeans with a jacket or vest to match, you really should consider him as your costume inspiration. Bob has really long greasy, grey hair which might be the most disgusting combination you can think of so its perfect for Halloween. Rub some dirt and talc in your hair and you’re golden. This might not be an obvious choice for a girl's costume but who cares? Break free from social norms. 

Audrey Horne is one of the coolest characters in the show, with her displaced 50s style and her perfectly placed beauty spot. If you want to dress as Audrey all you really need are some saddle shoes (improvise with some cheap white tennis shoes and a black marker) and a tight skirt and an even tighter sweater. You have to remember to act coy, yet seductive at all times and be willing, if the situation arises, to sway to some music on your own in the middle of a room. Don’t be shy, you’re Audrey!

If you own an entirely red outfit consider spending Halloween as 'The Arm'. This one requires some dedication as you will be learning some new skills: first, learn a few lines of backwards dialogue played forwards (I think that's how they did that.) second, master some of his sweet dance moves. Think the robot but smoother, with a little bit of the hustle thrown in. As I always say, learning new dance moves isn’t just for Halloween

There's also Shelly Johnson. For her you'll need a sea-foam green waitress uniform and some burly guy to be your mean husband named Leo. Don’t let him push you around though. 
Or there’s Donna: Laura's relentlessly overshadowed BFF. It's not surprising because she is extremely boring except for in that one episode where she wears sunglasses and kisses James through some prison bars. If you go with Donna as your costume be prepared for no one to talk to you all night.  

If you want to spend your night feeling like a super nerd dress as Laura's cousin, Maddie. Get some unnecessarily large glasses and wear a lot of plaid. Show no skin whatsoever. Except for your face which is mostly obscured by the giant glasses anyway.

Leland (Laura's father) is a pretty wacky guy. I mean, his hair turned white over night. He also has a penchant for singing really upbeat songs at inappropriate times. Just wear a suit for this one. Or just don’t be Leland. He’s kind of the worst. 
And don’t forget moody (and super boring!) James with his whiny singing voice and endlessly furrowed brow. For this you will need a bad haircut and a leather jacket. 
Or maybe you’re more of a Dr. Jacoby, a fan of all things Hawaiian. 
If you’re a real fan, maybe you feel like going as David Lynch? 
 The most time and effort should be spent on the hair. David Lynch is well known for his gravity defying coiffure and this look could probably be achieved with some careful back combing and hair spray. But remember! it has to look natural and carefree! Otherwise you might end up looking like Eraserhead. Which is fine, but it's a totally different ballgame. 
 Now, if you want your hair to permanently emulate Lynch's then I suggest you get it cut quite short on the sides while allowing the top to grow long (not that you asked).


see the difference? 

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