July 19, 2011

unsolicited travel tips

1. Before you fly, try to do some exercise so you tire yourself out. There is nothing worse than being a ball of energy when you're cooped up inside a plane. 

2. Wear shoes that are easy to take off in security. I've forgotten this tip and worn complicated shoes. When you're already flustered don't add to it by having to bend over and untie, unfasten or extract your feet from something. Think Worishofer mules or some sort of clog. 

3. Buy a giant bottle of water but still accept all the water they give out on board. Hoard water. Not only is it important to stay hydrated but drinking all that water will force you to get up out of your seat to use the bathroom. 

4. If you're flying at night and find it hard to sleep, try bringing a change of clothes which are like pajamas. This might help you get into the sleep zone or if nothing else, make you look adorable. 

5. If you are 'blessed' with very short legs, and find that your thighs dig into your seat causing your legs to ache and bring about fears of DVT, wear wedges which will elevate your feet and calves so they aren't digging in anymore. But make sure they aren't complicated. (see tip #2)

6. Flights are boring. If you are lucky enough to be on a flight with on demand movies I suggest you pack some eye drops so that your eyes are prepped for 12 straight hours of solid movie watching. Don't worry the eye drops will also reduce the severe red eye you will develop from doing this. 

7. Have all your flying documents in a folder or a zipped up pouch, maybe even around your neck. It makes it a lot easier to double or triple check that you have everything you need. It also helps for when you have to show things to various members of the airport team and don't want to be rifling through your bag. Keep in mind, this also makes it a lot easier to lose all your documents at once if you are that sort of person. 

8. Tip #8 originally was: "Never drink on planes." I have since altered my stance on the subject. DO indeed drink on planes, just plan it out. Also remember one drink in the air = two drinks on solid ground. PARTY!

9. Do stretches in the bathroom (because no one wants to see you doing all that in the cabin) - also make funny faces at yourself in the mirror. The lighting will have already ruined your self esteem so you may as well embrace your new monstery self. 

10. Wear a big, drapey cardigan which can double up as a blanket or pillow or make you look very dramatic and important if you happen to have cause to complain about something. 

11. If all these tips sound stupid to you then just take a pill and wake up on the other side, you zombie.

July 18, 2011

the girl in the tutti frutti hat

yesterday, for no particular reason at all I began a google spiral which led me to Carmen Miranda. You know what I mean by google spiral right? You start on one thing, learn something about some thing..google the next thing and on it goes. 
And this particular time I spiralled into Carmen Miranda who obviously I was sort of aware of before but found it really interesting to actually read up on the lady...

Did you know that she actually had her own hat business before she became famous? 
She wore amazing platform shoes which put Jeffrey Campbell to shame! 
She was only 5 feet tall (hence the platforms).
There is a Carmen Miranda museum in Rio which has costumes, shoes and other related things.

I think she's great.

July 16, 2011

july times.

The 'Bournemouth Eye' making an appearance in the sky over Johnny's work. 

She does this sort of thing regularly. This is why I call her a weirdo. 

My mom snagged a vintage magazine for me at a French Yard Sale! The issue focuses on anxieties over whether TV means the end of cinema. 

A mirror I painted a few years ago. I have a think about colourful skulls.

Scored this sweet camera at a charity shop. I have no idea what the photos will look like but when your camera looks this awesome who cares?! 

I can eat an entire watermelon in one day. I love it too much. 

DIY tie-dyeing that went surprisingly well.