October 9, 2011

hats & overalls

I have been noticing a lot more hats this year than last year. I think it's great because hats just have this way of turning what might be an average outfit into a super glamorous one! I love wearing hats although I haven't quite mastered wearing hats like these pictured below. You definitely have to have the right attitude to pull it off I think. Or perhaps the attitude comes from wearing the hat? Chicken and egg? Who knows!


I've also been seeing overalls (dungarees) this year which is not completely unexpected, I guess everything has to become fashionable again at some point. I wore dungarees a lot as a kid and I always felt pretty cool in them but you know, as an adult it not only takes a special pair of overalls but also really good styling to come across as a cool, hip lady and not.. slightly hip farmer gal. 
Not that that's a bad thing, but you know.. overalls can be generally pretty unflattering so when it's done well it just looks really good and effortless. 

(I found a lot some of these images on tumblr and don't know the original source. bad blogger. 
the top and bottom photos are linked!)


Francesca said...

Oh i just love everything about the first outfit!! That hat is exactly the type i'm looking for, but it's so hard to find! I think you would look good in hats Ambo because you have such great hair!

Lauren said...

I really want to jump in on the overalls bandwagon, but I am severly afraid!

I love hats, though!!