October 15, 2011

eighty-eight miles per hour

So a few nights ago we found out that they were showing a special late night screening of Back to the Future at the movie theatre. I know this isn't the first time I'm writing about Back to the Future, I'm not super obsessed with it or anything but it's obviously pretty great. Nevertheless I will continue. 

Things that are great about late night showings of old movies:
You can sit in any seat you want! Over here, they have these more expensive but obviously better seats called Premier seats. Originally there were like 5 in each screen now it's hard to find the non premier seats and they are always in the best locations for viewing. But they cost more money so you know we skimp and go for the cheapo seats because we're not jerks. But on late night viewings you can sit anywhere!! Premier seat, right in the middle. Perfect. 

Another great thing is that there was barely anyone there. People always ruin movies for me..whether it be that they are eating super loud potato crunch snacks or they are constantly checking their phone which means I get my eyes burned or maybe you're lucky enough to sit in front of some seat kicking teenagers or people who laugh nervously when they are uncomfortable in scenes that aren't funny (Black Swan)... so this was good for me and my grumpy high standards for movie going. About fifteen people, all there for the same reason. No drama. 

Back to the Future was released in theatres in 1985 and I was born in 1987 so there was no way I was going to get to see that one on the big screen. It's really exciting getting to see old faves at the movies! And also you feel like you're cool that you know about the screening and also that you can prove that you obviously love the movie a ton just by being there. So I was already really excited about it.... and I was pleasantly surprised that watching this movie in a theatre made it so much more enjoyable!
I guess when you watch movies at home you're never really as fully into it and you know you can always get up to get food or whatever.. so really you're not paying full attention always. 
You take the movie for granted. 

Things I noticed in Back to the Future that I never noticed in all my years of watching it:

1. People in this movie don't walk in straight, forward lines. They pivot, spin, walk backwards A LOT! 
I guess that's what happens when you are freaking out about stuff. 

2. George McFly (Crispin Glover) and Marty are hilarious on screen together. HILARIOUS.

3. The photo Marty keeps looking at of his siblings is one of the funniest things in the movie. His brother looks about 45 but is dressed like an 8 year old and he's waving at the camera! You don't need to wave! Just smiling and making eye contact is enough. 

4. I realised how simple it would be to dress like Marty McFly, if you were so inclined. I own a red puffer vest just like him!! Ok, I wore it a lot when I was 11 but I'm pretty sure that's when I stopped growing. 

5. In the last scene where Biff is not a jerk anymore, he has the most awkward gestures such as putting his hand weirdly high up on his hip. But it sort of works. Oh and his tracksuit is just right.

Ok so there are only five points but still, it just goes to show you that there's always more to experience from your favourite things. 

Here is a list of more old faves that I would like to watch at the movie theatre:
Death Becomes Her, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Annie Hall, Rosemary's Baby and Ghostbusters.
You can probably tell that I have super good taste in movies...
What movies would you LOVE to see back at the theatre?

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