April 18, 2011

some things

The new rabbit ring I purchased with a gift card from a friend. 

Officially the most insane shoes I own, they make me about 5'8 (I'm really 5'3)
Thanks to a gift card from my aunt.

I love the weird architecture of this building. 

These blossoms make me happy.

Mint green apartment complex called 'Berkeley Mansions' 

Candy coloured interiors


Francesca said...

Oh Lundy the shoes look so incredible!! Particularly with the dotty tights!! The rabbit ring is brilliant too. I'm just a bit jealous of your ring combos I think I have to work on that or try to steal cool antiquey rings from other people haha xx

firstaidliz said...

I love your blog... So adorable :)

Welcome to my jungle said...

These shoes are amazing. Where did u get them?
I like the style of your pics!

- Dani