April 15, 2011


People who know me like to poke fun at the fact that I am a cat-person. I wasn't always this way, up until two years ago I hadn't had a cat for maybe 15 years and was definitely a dog-person.
 Anyway, whenever it comes to posting something to do with cats I feel pretty self conscious and worry about the impending ridicule I may receive...but sometimes, just sometimes, you see something that is so great and just happens to coincidentally involve cats that you have to share it! 
I saw this on Poppytalk and went over to the website of the design duo 'Blow Up!'. Love their ideas and love their photographs. Their Etsy shop features these cat bow ties and collars. Too cool. Too bad Momo's birthday just passed, as she would really have loved to wear this pink frilly collar.....ok maybe I would have loved it and she would have hated it. 

do cats like wearing bow ties? definitely.


Francesca said...

oh my, Momo would look amazing in that pink ruffled collar!! I love the moustache, I think Nico would look awesome in a moustache a haha I might have to get him one!

Valérie said...

cats are so cute :) did you see that tv advert for Ikea? it was so adorable!