April 8, 2011


Marie Antoinette was on TV last night so of course I stayed up to watch it, even though I was exhausted from staying up the night before finishing my dissertation. Finally handed it in yesterday! Woo.
I have to admit, the first time I saw this I was a little bit underwhelmed by it, but since then I've watched it numerous times and I love it more with every viewing. 
It's like a decadent dessert for your eyes! (weird metaphor, I know.) 
I love the ranges in colour of her hair in the film, changing from pale yellow to light pink. It reminded me of the awesome hair stuff which Bleach London is getting up to lately. I really love the idea of having white blonde hair which I can add pastel colours to but alas I am a brunette with dark eyebrows so the actual act of doing that scares me a little bit. Maybe one day..... I suppose it is only hair! 

And now the clothes... watching the film I found myself wishing that people still dressed like that today! Of course, it was only the very wealthy who could afford to do so. I love how feminine everything was and the beautiful colours. It was all about adornment. The clothes were probably really uncomfortable and heavy in reality and us contemporary gals seem to only accept mild discomfort for the sake of fashion so instead of dreaming of dressing like that, I started thinking about ways to recreate the same sort of Marie Antoinette vibe. Floaty fabrics, lots of whites and creams, floral print, flowers in your hair and candy coloured shoes! 

L to R: Blue Spot Frill Suntop £25, Cream Floral Bralet £20, Cream Bow Dress £50 
Mint Shorts £38, Rope and Flower Headband £14, Chiffon Babydoll Pleated Slip £46, 
Ivory pleated shorts £25,  Flower Stud Earrings £5
Pink suede knot detail £65, Purple Peep Toe £50, Pink Wedges £70
All from Topshop

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Francesca said...

I re-watched this just the other night! So many people I know disliked it, I loved it straight away I really like the quiet pace I think it makes it really atmospheric! Oh and the clothes and the hair, I love her Le Petit Trianon phase! I like that White dress with the bow sash! X