April 13, 2011

green tea & white chocolate marble cake

Last night, I got the familiar urge to bake. Upon request, my brother had brought back some matcha powder for me from his last trip to Japan and I've been thinking about using it as an ingredient for awhile now. I found this recipe here and mainly because I had all but two of the ingredients I decided to give it a go. I used a round cake tin although the recipe suggested a loaf tin and it came out fine. The only thing this recipe didn't add was some kind of frosting - and I LOVE frosting so I whipped up a new invention: white chocolate green tea frosting! This cake was so easy to bake and so delicious. The recipe is for a  marbled cake but I think that when I try it next, I won't separate the two mixtures because the bites I had from the green tea parts were SO much better than the rest. 
I love green tea and I love cake so this is basically my dream come true! 


HENRY FRY said...

Shit - this looks so delicious. I am hungry hungry.

miche said...

Recipe please!!! Looks so good! I wanted to see Momo's reaction to this too. Could you please always show her reactions? xx

Francesca said...

Holy crow Ambo that cake sounds genius! It makes me think of the green tea ice-cream in Nippon Inn! Yum!