January 28, 2011

roses are red

I have an obsession with vintage Valentine cards. They're just so perfectly weird and cute.
And I love a good pun.  


Boyun said...

before few months ago, i really wanted to collect that kinds of things, but all the vintage cards that i've found were not for sale or too expensive..... :(
anyways, these are so cute and i can feel the mood of vintage very well :D

Violet Clair said...

Oh my goodness these are SO SO amazing! I am definitely a fan of a good pun as well.

PS- You don't come off as a crazy cat lady & your kitty is adorable!


Francesca said...

I basically want to be the crazy hat girl, i love that one!!! The fried egg one is really funny too!! I like Victorian Valentines too with scary looking birds and gothique roses!