January 25, 2011

a little jaunt to London

these are some of the things which caught my eye: 

a ceiling of lightbulbs!

silhouettes on Primrose Hill

candy coloured houses 

and then I saw 'everything' - well, not really, it was more just a lot of great old Victorian era stuff. They had a great collection of strange dolls, taxidermy, old 'freak-show' posters and some of those fortune telling machines like in 'Big'! Unfortunately there was a strict no photography rule and I was heartbroken! 

We saw this in the window of a shop that seemed to only stock things that were really cool and probably really expensive.  

This guy was in there too. Look how excited he is!

I love the tiles in the Camden tube station. 

Feet, waiting for the tube.

I was then taken to a really great cafe/bar which used to be a Vespa servicing station, then they decided to get a coffee machine to serve their waiting customers and it evolved into this really cool place with tons of old Vespa paraphernalia. 

Lovely lights in the Vespa bar. I really love when people who know a city well take you to these hidden gems. 

Unfortunately I didn't take many more photos, for two reasons : one being that I was sure I would drop my camera/phone and two being that I am slightly paranoid about waving my phone around all the time! 


MaryBeth said...

Beautiful with just the right touch of creepy. Well done!


Boyun So said...

nice pictures everytime!!
and... can i ask that what kind of special photo effect do you use the most?? ^^

Lundy Leigh said...

I use instagram a lot which is an iphone app. But you can also get a free thing like that for the computer called 'poladroid'

Francesca said...

Hey Lundy, Where was that museum of everything?? It sounds awesome!!! Love the lightbulb ceiling too! You take lovely photos lady! xxx

Lundy Leigh said...

The museum was at Primrose Hill! You would have loved it! ! I'll try to find some photos of it online to show you. xx

HENRY FRY said...

I'm so bummed out that we didn't see 'everything.' Still, I'm glad you liked the Vespa bar. I stayed there for another two hours and had to move so they could roll down a giant screen from the ceiling and project 'Lolita' onto it. On the whole, I liked it more when you were there!

Lundy Leigh said...

they should have projected lolita onto you - then it would have been like a very low budget 3-D film experience.