January 16, 2011

oh, grey january

it's one of those grey days here, where you feel like you're in a giant tupperware. i really can live without these gloomy british january days. it's funny how much it affects my moods...and sinuses!! 
i would much rather be horse riding on sunny plains somewhere. 

here are a few photos from the past week. 

i went to a chocolate cafe with some girls from my class. the chocolate was OK but what I really loved was this piece of furniture! 

we had peanut butter at home but no jam, and what's the point of peanut butter unless you can have pb&j? bonus: the label is beautifully vintage inspired. 

preemptive easter chocolate. 

this was taken shortly after the whole structure was dropped on the floor and we lost a lot of good cranes in the process. i have to admit, i did cry over it for a little bit. and then a few days later i broke a few more. heartbreaking.

rounded off the week with a shirley temple made by my bartender boyfriend. 

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miche said...

Those cranes gave you a beautiful picture though!