January 30, 2011

everything we know is stardust

One of my favourite movies ever is 'Before Sunrise' by Richard Linklater. 
I remember being taken to see it whilst spending the summer in Brooklyn, right around the time the sequel was coming out, so I would have been about sixteen.
It's simple and heartbreaking and great. 
Ten years after the original was made, the sequel 'Before Sunset' came out. I urge you to go see both of these movies right away! Maybe leave a week between watching the first one and the second one out of respect for all those people who had to wait ten years to find out what happened between Jesse and Celine!

Below is a poem that a street poet writes for the two main characters. He tells them to give him a word and their choice is 'milkshake'. 

Daydream delusion, limousine eyelash 
Oh baby with your pretty face  
Drop a tear in my wineglass  
Look at those big eyes 
See what you mean to me 
Sweet-cakes and milkshakes 
I'm a delusion angel 
I'm a fantasy parade 
 I want you to know what I think  
Don't want you to guess anymore 
You have no idea where I came from 
We have no idea where we're going 
 Lodged in life 
 Like branches in a river
 Flowing downstream 
 Caught in the current 
 I carry you  
You'll carry me 
 That's how it could be 
 Don't you know me?  
Don't you know me by now? 


HENRY FRY said...

love me a bit of blog poetry. Am I commenting too much these days? I could do this in rhyming couplets?

Lundy Leigh said...

no, you should comment more. even if it is just sounds. have you seen this movie? come over and watch it. also yes comment more in rhymes.

HENRY FRY said...

Yes! I love both these movies! But I saw 'Two Days In Paris,' of late, which was not so great.