June 11, 2011

this kitty has claws!

So, it has come to my attention (not really that surprisingly) that I re blog a fair few number of  cat photos on tumblr... but who can blame me when there are so many funny and weird looking cats out there.
Not to mention my own cat who isn't featured here for once. Momo was being what I like to call "Hell Cat" last night - smashing around from 4-5 AM for no good reason. Sure, it was probably really important to her to go behind the curtains in my room fifteen times and jump around. Also attempting to fly across the width of my bed, over my head.
 Hell cat. 
Sometimes she's Bad Cat, but that is reserved for when it seems more like intentional bad behaviour on her part (like pushing my things off the table with her paw), rather than just natural, nocturnal cat behaviour.
Woah, is this interesting to anyone but me? Probably not.
I don't know why I'm blogging about cats when I have a pile of work to do. 

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