June 4, 2011

photos of late

Sushi is my absolute favourite food and I don't get to eat it nearly as often as I deserve :) but the other day I treated myself to a little sushi lunch.

My suave lunch date.

Momo making it difficult for me to read my copy of Elle Decor.

I made some beet pesto! Not only is it healthy, it turns the pasta the most beautiful pink!

It feels like Summer is finally here, not only because my allergies have returned with a vengeance but it's been ridiculously hot. I still haven't quite got the hang of dressing appropriately for the weather. For example: I left the house in black jeans and a sweater today (albeit a cotton one, but still!).

Our shadows.

I baked these today, they taste a bit funny so I'm disappointed about that... but I'll still eat them all probably.

I found this old photo of me posing with one of our collection of childhood cats. 
I love the cat's patient yet annoyed expression. 

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