June 11, 2011

I wish...

For those of you out there who are interested to see the full list of wishes here it is!
I can relate to so many of these wishes, and that is what I loved about doing this project - it made me realise how when it comes down to it, a lot of us just wish for the same things in life. Pretty comforting in a way isn't it?
Thank you to everyone who contributed, I am so grateful because it is down to you that this project is going to be successful (hopefully!) I will be sure to post photos once the exhibition is up next week.

I wish I could talk to animals.
I wish I could fly.
I wish love would prevail.
I wish I could make people feel special more often.
I wish I could absorb knowledge
I wish I could teleport
I wish my dad could see Machu Pichu
I wish there were more pugs on the planet.
I wish my partner will experience the perfect life.
I wish I had unlimited milk in my fridge
I wish I could love my mother
I wish I were born Icelandic or Native American
I wish I discover one day that I am an alien life form on earth to watch over people and learn about their experience
I wish I could cure people with my touch
I wish I had a meat tenderizer that could stamp people into stickers and put them into my sticker collection, i wish i still had that sticker collection.
I wish I had not done those drugs that night, to have kept that part of my innocence.
I wish I were an eagle, in order to flex my talons and feel invincible.
I wish I could buy the house I grew up in & raise my own children there.
I wish that I could eat as much mexican food as I liked and not get fat
I wish I could be more ambitious, or win the lottery
I wish this thing I'm working on will go well, or at least be appreciated in something akin to the way it was intended.
I wish I could stop thinking about him
my wish is to acting professionally. not to be famous, not to be crazy rich, but to be able to make a living doing what I have always wanted to do and loved doing.
I wish i was myself again
I wish my mum knew how thankful I am for her.
I wish people were less scared.
I wish people would see the beauty I hold on the inside, on the outside.
I wish that people would be honest about who they are, what they are about, and where they have come from, that way you always know where you stand
I wish people would see the positives in life a little more instead of insiting to look at the negatives in their lif which only make them unhappy.
I wish happiness for my daughter throughout her life.
I wish that my family and friens were healthy and people were not so stupid.
I wish that he would be alright.
I wish I wasnt such a wimp.
I wish I had a pet bird who sat on my shoulder and sang
I wish I did not have to worry about money
I wish that I didnt get crippling shyness around people
I wish people would get me
I wish I had more ambition
I wish that I would not blend into the background
I wish that people would remember my name
I wish they would stop deep fish trawling
I wish people were kinder to animals and children
I wish people were kinder to each other
I wish for heaven to be full of kittens
I wish I was in a movie, preferably the star!
I wish I was stunning and not just relatively good looking
I wish I had good style
I wish I had not stopped running
I wish that everyone may find happieness in life
I wish there to be more respect for our earth our water and our air.
I also wish Sarah Palin would just shut up. She thinks dinosaurs were put in the ground by God to 'test our faith.' I mean, come on, what the hell?
I wish I didn't let my family down and kept my promises.....I'm weak.
I wish I could accept that I drink too much and do something about it before it is too late
I wish the universe was turquoise blue, which is what scientists originally announced, rather than beige, which was what they announced next.
I wish people would be kind to children.
I wish we'd have some really exciting weather, and not just rain, clouds, sun, snow.
I wish Sarah Palin would just shut up.
I wish money grew on trees.
I wish more people would burst into spontaneous song.
I wish I still wasn't partially convinced by egotism or paranoia that I live in my own version of 'The Truman Show,' and millions of people are watching me shit every morning all over the world.
I wish I could overcome the paralyzing conviction that I'm here by accident from a parallel universe
I wish for undoubtable inner peace.
I wish I could talk to him about being pregnant
I wish he had talked to me
To be in Buenos Aires with her, just for a day.
I wish we'd had sex and afterwards talked about it, maybe joked about it, instead of just pretending that we didn't want to, and then having nothing to talk about ever again.
I wish other people would see the aspects of me I think are good and important, instead of the periphery things, which really don't matter at all.
I wish he fully appreciated me.
To have lived the American Indian life before it was annihilated.
To have webbed feet and hands and be able to scale the largest and scariest mountains on earth and not be afraid
To live like an inuit
To have directly experienced my Viking ancestry...
to have lived in the 30s and 40s while in my 20s...
To swim or kayak the Grand Canyon
to fly
I wish I could save more money
I wish I hadnt bought so much shit on the internet
I wish they would leave me alone
I sometimes wish that real life could be more like Disney world.
I wish life had a soundtrack for every situation.
I wish kindness was a more valued trait.
I wish for everyday in my life to be filled with magic.
I wish Angela Lansbury was my Grandma.
I wish I wasn't so afraid of death.
I wish I lived closer to the people I love.
I wish that fairies really exist.
I wish I could find a secret book shop filled with odd & unusual antique books.
I wish soul mates came with a mark so I'd know how to recognize them.
I wish never to lose the appreciation for the simple joys of life.
I wish people would take me more seriously
i wish to be content.
I wish I wasnt so shy
I wish I could tap dance.
I wish when I am older I can look after my parents
I wish I had thick wavy hair
I wish I recieved my acceptance letter for Hogwarts at age 11
I wish that magic was real.
I wish that I could be more organized.
i wish for a joyful, fulfilling life
I wish I could eat ice cream sundaes every day.
I wish my cat loved me as much as I loved her
I wish I looked like Natalie Portman
I wish life was easier
I wish I could speak another language
I wish he would marry me
i wish i had the confidence to follow through my ideas and not just dismiss them.
I wish I had never given it to him
I wish I could be thin
I wish I were more confident about what I created
i wish my family happy&healthy
i wish i can have DSLR.
i wish become a great blogger.
I wish my mother was happy
I wish I was less materialistic
I wish I was more motivated
I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life
I wish i could be myself with all people - instead of getting intimidated and nervous in certain situations.
I wish parties like the one in "Cant hardly Wait" really happened
I wish that i could afford a better laptop that wouldn't crash every 5 minutes
I wish i was a little more individual
I wish that i was viewed as being fanastic at what i do.
I Wish my x boyfriend would realise he had made a mistake
I wish that i didn't care what other people thought so much
I wish that i will, one day, be happy in love
I wish that i will never regret the decisions i make
i wish that at least once in everyone's life, they know they are loved.
I wish that all this extreme energy I have in me will be released in such a way that the audience will both cry and smile at its power.
I wish for happiness and success in life for my family and I
My wish is that people will, very soon, become conscious of the insanity that has brought the world to the brink of disaster; that the positive energy created by the new consciousness will bring about an irreversible change in the way that all forms which make up our planet will live in loving harmony.
 I wish for the health, happiness and well being of my children.
 I wish for the health, happiness and well being of my grandchildren
I wish for the strength to be the best possible wife, mother, and grandmother that I can be.
I wish for blessings for my husband, children, step children, grandchildren, step grandchildren, and my entire family.
i wish i was in a land were i could talk to fairies and ride silver unicorns.
I wish when I am old, I won't have any regrets :)
I wish I could have a dinner party with my favorite heroes Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Jane Austen, and the Dalai Lama.
I wish I could breathe under water.
I wish I could fly.
I wish for the world to realize that all beings are connected and one, because maybe if we were conscious of that, we would stop inflicting pain and suffering on others.
I wish that my life would always be as good as it is right now, and that I'd always be as happy as I am right now.
I also wish that me and my husband would keep loving each other till the end.
I wish everybody in my family would be happy and that no bad things would happen to them.
I also wish a very classic one - world peace. I don't understand why we need to put taxpayers money into warfare when there's starving people in the world.
In a short term, I also wish that my boss would let me have a three month vacation next year that I could go backpacking in South America and finally see my three pilgrimage places - Macchu Picchu, Amazon jungle and the Galapagos islands.
 Oh yeah, and I wish that I could stay healthy and since I love my job, I'd like to keep it as well.
my sister wishes her fridge freezer wasn't broken.
Rich wishes for three more wish's.
Dave wish's he could surf every day.
I wish i had beautiful skin.
I wish i didnt ask stupid questions
 I wish to have a thousand wishes
I wish I could see Amber again.
I wish there was more wit in the world.
I wish my street were sometimes a bit shorter.
I wish the fish in my pond could talk, but only to me.
I wish there were alot more trees.
I wish I were in love again.
I wish upon a star.
I wish I could tap dance with Ginger Rogers.
I wish Ginger Rogers was still here.
I wish Amber and her mother could come visit me.
I wish I could fly with no baggage.
I wish whisk brooms were as funny to you as they are to me.
I wish talk was not so cheap.
I wish there was more time for us.
I wish the next time is even better.
I wish this time would never end.
I wish there will be just enough.
I wish I could cat cradle your mind with happiness.
I wish you would never let me go.
I wish I had time to write more.
I wish there could be nothing left to leave.
I wish all the time for time.
I wish I was more hungry for supper.
I wish your school thing takes to the air.
I wish your school thing knocks the ball out of the park.
I wish you all the best.
I wish I could see you again.
 As for wishes, mine can only be that the world will be a safe, peaceful place for my grandchildren and your kids and grandchildren
I wish for happiness and success in life for my family and I
I wish I was little bit taller,I wish I was a baller I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six four Impala
I wish life really was like the movies!
I wish real earth shattering life changing love could exist.
I wish I wasn't so scared all of the time.
I wish I could show love to people more openly and freely.
I wish I didn't feel so responsible for my family.
I wish I was free.
I wish I wasn't so judged.
I wish My friends would compliment me more.
I wish I was a better mother - one who was excited to go home to her child every day
I wish we had a vehicle that could hold our dogs and our kid.
I wish I had a better paying job, but kept the same freedoms I have now
I wish my pets would live forever
I wish that they would make a see through toaster so I make perfect toast.
I wish they would finally come up with a foolproof hangover cure.
I wish that i feel really alive.
i wish to know that i really have everything i need.
i wish to be able to make really delicious food
i wish to discover my talent
i wish i could speak japanese
i wish i could sing
i wish i could eat what i want and stay super fit
 i wish i could make things better for people i know, have met, and have yet to meet, who are stuck in bad situations, instead of being powerless to help them.
 i wish i didnt have to pay so many bills
 i wish i had my own place
 i wish people would leave me alone
 i wish wishes actually came true
 i wish that i would get this job
 i wish that i could unleash all my potential and become who i was always supposed to be, intead of getting in my own way
 i wish i could go to universal studios
 i wish this love would last forever and ever
 i wish i could have the things i had then but the wisedom i have today
  wish i could fast forward 5 years
 i wish I would just be famous already
 I wish i wouldnt worry so much
 I wish me and my brother would get along
i wish I had the money to start my clothing line
 I wish i could teleport
 I wish the government wasnt so fucked up
 I wish i could change the world
 I wish i could save all the animals in the world
 I wish my cat would come back
 i wish there were more hours in the day
 i wish i could stop biting my nails
I wish I wouldn't overanalyze.
I wish I would reach my goals.
I wish I could be with Jessie forever.
I wish that I could get a job in a small independent book store
I wish that I could sleep until 9:00 every morning
I wish that my dog would stop jumping on people
I wish that I could finish editing my novel and get it published
I wish that I could find more freelance editing jobs and make a lot of money
I wish that I could buy furniture for my bedroom and living room
I wish that I could dance
I wish my kids would tell me they love me more often
I wish my husband would tell me he loves me
I wish I lived in a more quaint neighborhood
I wish I lived in a smaller house with more charm
I wish I wasn't afraid of dying
I wish that I could have one more day to spend with my father
I wish I knew that I would never get cancer
I wish I could go to Argentina, India, and Alaska
I wish for better self realization capabilities.
I wish for nothing but positive things for all around me.
I wish to find my true calling in life.
I wish to be if not satisfied, then happy.
I wish my boyfriends dreams will all come true
I wish I had more confidence
I wish I could speak easily to everyone in the world
I wish I could learn a language
I wish I was naturally stylish
I wish I had a natural talent for telling jokes
I wish I could just stop eating rubbish
I wish one day I could just love the way I look
I wish my sister all the happiness in the world
I wish I lived life to the full
I wish life would feel like a party I WAS invited too
I wish I lived in Knightsbridge and drove a classic Jaguar
I wish I looked like Shakira
I wish money was no object
I wish I believed in a higher power
I wish one day I will have all I ever need
I wish for the healing of my brother's depression, that he may flourish.
my wish is for contentment
I wish for every human being to encounter true kindness.
I wish for peace.
I wish for the wealthy and privileged everywhere to realize they can and should help those who have nothing, and to do so.
I wish for the end of ideology.
I wish for fun.
I wish I didn't want matching furniture
I wish that I could understand him today instead of figuring it all out the hard way
I wish that my back didn't always hurt
I wish the beach was at the bottom of this mountain
I wish that my company understands the value of facilitation and hires me to do it!
I wish my professorial dreams are realized someday
I wish that only nice people existed on this planet
I wish that everyone had enough food to eat, caring parents and a roof over their head
I wish that love conquers all
I wish for The Light of Natural Law to shine Love, Prosperity, and Abundance from the Hearts, Hands, and Heads of all people.
I wish I could beathe under water
I wish that I could live my dreams and not feel like a failure.
I wish my husband could find a job.
I wish I become someone I would be proud of. I wish this feeling of failure would go away.
I wish I had the guts to create the life I envision for myself.
 wish that i will someday have a family of my own, and wake up everyday in love.
I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life. And I wish people would stop asking.
I wish that I may never fail to show my love to those I love,
I wish that everyone had the right to marry, regardless of their sexuality.
I wish that you hurting me didn't mean me loving you any less.
I wish that I could find the courage to ask for what I need, and to belive that I acctually deserve it.
I wish I could get out from under my father's control. and I wish I could take the rest of my family with me.
I wish I knew I was making the right decision.
I wish I could heal your pain.
I wish I could beat her and that everyone would see her for what she is.
I wish for perfect skin and a perfect body.
I wish I was a better dancer.
I wish we were rich.
I wish that I am brave enough to follow my dreams
I wish that someone loved me enough to ask if I need help
I wish that my mother falls in love again
I wish that my life will be full of love, colour, dreams and (predictably) more wishes.
I wish my husband would get a job & help support our family.
I wish I was famous.
I wish I never become indifferent to unfairness, discrimination, privilege, stupidity or unkindness. And I wish that I never fail to recognize beauty in spite of them.
To love, be loved and never stop learning
I wish he would have loved me
I wish to get my book published.
I wish..to fall in a love that makes my heart go pitter patter and my joy spill over.
I wish that I can find a job doing something I truly enjoy and belive in.
I wish to figure it all out, even if it takes a little while.
I wish for my boyfriend and I to be able to have long lives together in good health.
I wish to fall in love and live forever with that person.
I wish to be successful in acting.
I wish to travel the world, climb many mountains and canoe many lakes.
I wish for happiness.
I wish to live life to the fullest.
I wish to live as a writer in England.
 wish for a lovely, safe home to raise my three boys in.
I wish I knew how to end it.
I wish for my daughter to grow up to be braver, more confident, and smarter than I am.
I wish that I'll marry that boy I want to so badly.
I wish I knew if he loved me as much I love him.
My brother’s wish is that health insurance were more affordable
my wish is that my business is successful.
I wish to get a good psychology internship
For a tall dark mysterious stranger
For Zeb's cancer surgery to go well
I wish for my mother's health
I wish for a richly creative life after retirement (and before)
I wish for success to fellow externs
That Arlaina may find her way, happiness and success in life
I wish I could make up my mind.
I wish my decision wouldn't hurt him.
I wish to one day be as wonderful a mother as my own mother was.
I wish for my mom to keep getting healthier and keep losing weight.
I wish my brother would at least treat my mom like a human being. Maybe even try to love her.
I wish for my father to be happy wherever he is, whatever he is doing.
I wish this controversy would go away.
I wish my boyfriend stays close by for the next two years.
I wish I had a flat stomach.
I wish for health and true joy, for myself and my loved ones...
I truly wish for a "happily ever ever". I just want to fall in love and be loved in return.
Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses
I wish everyone could see the joy in life
I wish my mum’s operation goes to plan.
Happiness and good health for all!
To laugh. To live. To love.
To be happy and free.
To feel truly happy once again
I wish my back gets better.
I wish good health for Ron and me.
I wish to start my life again.
I wish for a peaceful end to the troubles in the Middle East and for democracy to win out.
I wish for contentment for my children
A world where we all embrace eachothers humanity
Good health and cake
Happy happy life
I wish I could protect myself from waht I want.
Wealth. Health. Happiness.
I wish my family health and happiness.
I wish that I will have a great life full of love and good health.
I wish my brother happiness.
I wish there were siestas in America
I wish politicians weren't so corrupt
I wish for world peace
I wish for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts
I wish karma could be seen and measured
I wish for a puppy
I wish the subway wasn't so hot
I wish for outdoor air-conditioning
I wish for an end to global warming
I wish at least one person on Wall Street was arrested
I wish teachers got paid what they deserve
I wish no child was ever hungry
I wish for more wishes
I wish helping jobs paid more
I wish my dad weren't such a jerk
I wish for a long and happy marriage
I wish for a new job
I wish I was less wasteful
I wish I composted
I wish I could run a marathon
I wish I could name every flower that there was
I wish I had a vegetable garden
I wish I was skinny
I wish I was stronger
I wish my grandmother gets better
I wish I'd get my Ninetendo 64 along with free shipping for under $25
I wish onions didn't make me cry when I cut them
I wish my boyfriend would pay attention to me when I was trying to talk with him
I wish I had more free time
I wish I were better at golf
I wish I were a better cook
I wish I weren't so tired
I wish for every household in America to own an electric car in five year
I wish for every state to adopt a renewable portfolio standard
I wish the U.S. would withdraw from its wars in the middle east
I wish that China doesn’t grow to destroy the west
I wish I were more creative
I wish life were easier
I wish for the happiness of those I love
I wish people would like me more
I wish that I will find something to do that I'm really passionate about and be lucky enough to do it!
I wish to visit Europe with my husband in the next three years.
I wish to go to Blogher'11 :)
I wish everyone could be happy
I wish I felt happy and content with my life instead of wishing for more.
I wish that someday I will float and not always be trying to keep my head above water!
I wish unicorns and mermaids were real :)
I wish that the happiness I feel right now would stay with me forever.


katecreate said...

This is such a great post. I can relate to a few of these things.

Amber Leigh said...

I definitely can too!