May 5, 2011

thoughts on a Wednesday

Well, last week was eventful... On Wednesday, I got some bleach in my eye whilst cleaning the toilet (I know, I sometimes can't bear how glamorous my life is) and so headed to 'Eye Emergencies' at the hospital to get it looked at, cleaned etc. It wasn't as bad as it sounds and it only stung a little bit but I was pretty worried...bleach is no joke! 
Luckily, no permanent damage except for my new fear of cleaning the toilet...
 Anyway, that is just a prelude to explain some of these photos. The hospital is right next to a mega Tesco (British supermarket, still smaller than most average US supermarkets) so naturally we went to wander around and buy some food.

It's been pretty big news for me that they now sell Double Stuff Oreos in the UK. For so long I've had to make do with plain old single stuf' Oreos, disappointment with each bite. 
I wonder why they added the extra F on Stuff for the UK Oreos whereas in the US they're called Double Stuf'? Important questions need answering!

The Thai Food Festival happened in town, apparently this is an annual occurence but I have no recollection of this ever happening before. There was also Salsa dancing, which was weird. I snapped this photo because I loved this guy's denim jacket with pink polo shirt combo. And sunglasses.

I took this photo of our book shelf the other day because I noticed that Cosmos by Carl Sagan was placed above The Tale of Tom Kitten, and something about that is just so perfectly strange. I find it really interesting looking at other peoples book shelves as well as others' grocery carts. Does anyone else find this fascinating? I feel like it can tell you interesting, quirky or surprising things about people. Or maybe I just need to stop reading so much into everything. 

Standard cute cat photo of Momo. There had to be one. I really need to figure out some other platform for displaying the hundreds of photos I have of this cat. 

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