May 24, 2011

photos of late

Lately I have been...

Slowly getting everything ready for my final piece. It consists of a lot of separate elements and it is quite daunting when I think about the next few weeks! 
(thanks to all those who sent wishes, total is at about 250 now!)


Rediscovering old jewellery pieces that somehow work really well together. 


Getting stopped in the store to ask if I want to have a free blow dry as a hair model. I say yes because I can't really say no to people and also because I was having a pretty bad hair day. In the photo above it had already flattened some, when I walked out of the salon I felt pretty self conscious because the girl gave me a kind of lion mane!  

Eating Hershey Kisses found at a nearby Polish supermarket. I prefer the original ones but Johnny bought these white chocolate biscuit things instead. Still good though.

Making impromptu Greek salads. I love it when it just so happens that you have the right ingredients to make a proper meal like in a restaurant! Except I added purple radishes to my Greek salad.

Drinking beet, banana, strawberry, blueberry and what ever other fruit is lying around smoothies. I love the colour the beet makes it turn. 

Working my way through this pile of origami paper squares, which will soon transform into cranes. It takes such a long time! I can probably do about 25 cranes an hour. But it's just rather boring! Mostly I have been folding the cranes whilst watching movies. Maybe I'll get so good at it that I won't even need to look at what I'm doing!


Bree said...

Hershey kisses are my weakness!!
And your hair-amazing!

Anonymous said...

It really puzzles me how you turn the paper cranes into ceramic ones, do you cast them? do they keep the detail and sharpness of the edges and such?

I'm superexcited about your project you should make a post about it.

Francesca said...

Your hair looks amazing, you should be a hair model Ambo! Did you bleach it more?