September 10, 2011

abandoned houses

There is something so interesting and sad about abandoned houses. I am totally fascinated by them, by the absence which is present. In place of what you think there is supposed to be there, there is nothing. 
The lack of life, where there once was. 
These photographs are beautiful. The quality of light in the prints is what really makes them sort of amazing for me and clearly the subject matter is great too. 
100 abandoned houses is a photographic project based in Detroit. The website explains it far better than I would be able to summarise.


HENRY FRY said...

This is supreme, Lundy. We should hang out soon I think. x

renata said...

wow i loved this post, abandoned houses radiate something spooky and magical at the same time, i guess the spooky thing is quite obvious, lot more when they're walled... that sorta gives me the thrills. But in the other hand i feel a magical sense of possibility when i see an abandoned house, i start to fantasize their inside, the rooms... you know :)