February 17, 2011

a wish

My project is all about making wishes and now I'm trying to look further into this concept and ask questions such as: Why do people make wishes?, What feelings do you get when you make a wish?, Why do people so often have an object that to them has a special, lucky sort of power?. 
Wishes are a part of our subconscious. Many of us were exposed to the notion of wishing in fairy tales which used them as plot devices and fables that warned us 'Be careful what you wish for'.  We wish on stars and birthday cakes rarely asking, 'why is this the custom? where did it originate?'
 Is it that we all want to believe in a little bit of magic? I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on this. What special objects do you feel give you a little extra something when you need it? When do you make wishes? How does it make you feel to make a wish? Do you visualise your wish as something tangible? What does your wish look like? 

Here are some things of mine that are special and lucky for me.


anna said...

i sometimes think it's that when you wish for something (i don't say wish though, i say ask the universe...) it's that you admit you're not in control of having it come true. and then you can kind of relax and let go. or something..

Lundy Leigh said...

i totally agree with this!