February 1, 2011

curse of the lazy

I have a problem with getting things done. 
think a lot about what I need to do, and am aware of everything on the 'to do list' in my mind but instead of just DOING I spend a lot of the time THINKING. Then I get overwhelmed with everything I have to do, to the point of inaction because it seems that even tackling one thing won't really help because there is just so much still left to do! I get frustrated knowing that the quality of the work I produce is entirely in my hands which are capable, but I don't put the required effort in. It really is a curse - a lazy curse. I guess what I need to do is think of one thing I need to do at a time... I would write a list but I hate lists. Unless it's a list of what to buy at the supermarket. It's hard to be creative and organised. At least for me. Does anyone else struggle with this too? Or are you a reformed lazy person and have some tips on being more productive? 
And sometimes, instead of doing the work I need to be doing, I do pen & ink drawings of cats and bears. I guess something is better than nothing!

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Boyun said...

WOW,this is incredible!!! when i have some problems or lots and lots of things that i have to do....at that time i always think think think for a moment...(actually a long time..)
anyways, i hope that you make everything clear ^^

and there are some good way to clean up the complexible mind.... how about cleaning up your room or your home?? and how about just making a list that you have to do.....??