April 7, 2012

dear internet

you know what I love about the internet? well..I love that there seems to be an endless supply of good stuff. stuff to inspire you, and make you laugh.. or just make you feel connected to other people because maybe you realized that other people are just as weird as you are. 
It's funny, you hear people say things about how we connect less on a more "real" level with other people now, thanks to Facebook and the like... and I would have to agree with that, to an extent - but it's also opened up all these opportunities to connect in some small way with millions of people you'll never know on a personal level.. 
In some strange way it helps make the world seem a little less vast and human kind a little bit more likable...
I'm inspired and comforted in the knowledge that we can all experience a little bit of joy from watching a squishy faced cat eating a watermelon.

so thank you, internet for bringing things like this into my life.

ridiculously great things: 

oddly heartwarming things: 

breeds of chicken I didn't know existed but now love:
(sultan chicken)

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Hena Tayeb said...

awww. love the two dogs.