December 31, 2010

pack your bags, honey.

Oh, if only we could somehow regain the old glamour of travel from days gone by. 


boyunSO said...

SO pretty vintage pictures^^

Francesca said...

I used to want to be a air stewardess when i was younger but how they were in the 1950's, they always looked so glamorous! I wish travelling was still like that. And trains also, the orient express why can't all trains look like that?!!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i have to somehow get ahold of that alaska poster (/book?) sister lives there!

Lundy Leigh said...

@Francesca - so let's start an airline that brings back the old glamour, all we need is a plane and a captain! hehe

@Jenni hi Jenni thanks for stopping by my blog! always exciting to meet new bloggers. I found that image of the alaska poster on this site
looks like its for sale but I'm not sure how big it is etc. I want to get all these posters and cover my walls in them!!